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Inspir32 Creative Solutions is an inspirational elements publishing company and virtual staffing agency established in 2020. Inspir32 Creative Solutions is the business that CEO Raymond (TheGreat32t) McLeod, uses to service clients, publish content, and educate..

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For visionary entrepreneurs: To assist you in your virtual support needs, click "Client Application". Interested in speaking with the CEO or an Inspir32 representative, click "Book a meeting".

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Are you searching for a student or trainee to assist with your business needs? Inspir32 offers you the opportunity interview and hire an intern to help with simple virtual tasks. Click "VIEW DATABASE" now!

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Inspir32 Top VA's are experienced individuals with diverse skills and abilites. If you are searching for someone to add value on your virtual team click "VIEW DATABASE" now!

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Inspir32 Expert VA's are highly trained and well experienced Virtual Assistants seeking Executive Roles. If you are searching for someone to fill a crucial role in your company, click "VIEW DATABASE" now!

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Inspir32 Creative Solutions hosts "Free Live interviews" with our Virtual Assistances. Make sure you book your interview 1 week in advance for best results. Click the button below to schedule your "Free Interview Session".

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inspir32 wants to help you bring your creative ideas to life



We understand the need for companies today to grow their business and expand their team. Our team has  screened several applicants searching for quality individuals that will meet the needs of your growing business. 



1x Logo - Black and White 1x Logo Reveal - w/ 2 Sample Videos 1x Website - Custom to your needs 4x Mock up Logo designs 1x E-COM - print on demand website



4 Week 1 on 1 Training Sessions                1x Marketing Plan                                          1x Landing Page 4x Week Social Media Marketing Guide 

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We have designed new pricing plans with lower costs and more benefits for your business needs.


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Who we are

The Inspir32 team consists of enthusiastic professionals who are passionate about their job and are always ready to take responsibility for every project. Each of us puts all the needed efforts to succeed the common purposes. Up to now, we have reached a lot as a company. However, we don’t stop here. We go on expanding our amazing team to come out on the top. With every goal accomplished, we challenge ourselves to go higher and further.

inspir32 Team

Meet our team 

MC Pearl Lea Berania

Human Resources Admin

"Being an overseas Filipino worker for more than 6 years gave me the experience to observe the different personalities of a person. It helped me on how to treat each individual based on their personalities and interests. In this way, I stayed with people who positively giving impact on my life and in pursuing my dreams. I keep on aiming high to achieve my goals."

Ornalisa Austria

Client Communications Admin

"Managing operations and clients is my passion. I always want to impact the lives of my colleagues and customers. Diversity has been a big contributor in my career growth for 7 years now. I am beyond grateful to be part of Inspir32 Creative Solutions where I can be the professional that I want to be, and still have my time to engage in my first love, performing arts."

Floreah Bringas

Client Communications Ast.

"Working as virtual assistant allowed me to maximize my capabilities efficiently through helping other people in need" 

Fraulin Leslie

Marketing Content Specialist

My journey of becoming a VA still fascinates me. I still wondered but valued how my optimism and passion led me to greater opportunities. Being an Inspir32 VA motivates me to think outside the box, and I’m continually inspired by what my CEO is doing with his passion. I take it as a great honor to finally find a company that sees my potential and believes in my capabilities. 


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